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What Should I Expect when I Attend Coffeyville First?

Through the front doors

Here at Coffeyville First Assembly of God you can expect a warm, friendly smile and authentic friendliness in a safe atmosphere that fosters the love of Christ regardless of who you are.  You are welcome, as you are, to be a part of our church community. Here at Coffeyville First; we have room for you.  At Coffeyville First, you’re a visitor only once; after that you’re family. You should receive relevant information and if needed a tour of the facilities.


Before Church we offer an opportunity for you to take full advantage of our guest services in the Bistro for a free cup of coffee and a pastry to help get you through to lunch in a relaxed atmosphere where we can get to know one another.  We pride ourselves in making you feel welcome and comfortable while meeting your spiritual needs.

Nursery, Children and Student Ministries

We take great pride in offering the best care and environment possible for your younger family members. Please give us your feedback if we can do anything to make your families church experience better. Change and improvement are goals at Coffeyville First. Striving to meet your family’s spiritual needs at a higher level is always on our minds. Age appropriate ministries for all your family members are offered on a continual basis.

Relevant Worship

Our Praise and Worship span generational genres from time honored, traditional to contemporary that is relevant to all ages.  We make a joyful noise unto the Lord in authentic worship Of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  For us faith is not a “show”, however, we are not afraid to show, or demonstrate, our faith.

Timeless Messages

You will be treated to a timeless and relevant message brought to you from our Pastor Randy DePriest, or an approved and qualified associate or special guest speaker who rightly divides the Word of God.  A message of hope that is approved of God will bring us into a right, and continued, relationship with Him along with an opportunity to directly connect, on a personal level, with God Himself through a personal relationship with Jesus.

Bible Fellowship

We offer:

  • A wide array of courses in Biblically based study groups meant to teach the concepts of Christ designed to strengthen and improve your faith walk as well as bring you into a deeper relationship with God.

  • Healthy ways to grow in the presence of God with others who are on the same journey.

  • Multiple class titles and focuses that are offered throughout the year.

When you leave

When you exit our doors, we pray that your life will be improved by the time we have spent together. As soon as you call Coffeyville First home, (second attendance for us) please help us do a better service to our community for God Himself. We believe it is His house and we are all just honored to be His workers in the harvest field of God.

Ministries for All Generations

“Celebrating Heritage by Reaching Every One” is more than just a vision statement for Coffeyville First it is a way of life! “Giving Hope, Teaching Truth, Building Tomorrow” is the way we do it in the model of believing Jer. 29:11 as a plan for all people. “Find a Need and Meet it” is our ministry model for all those who attend this exciting Fellowship of Coffeyville First Assembly of God. Come join the family and help us do more.

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