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We welcome you to be apart of "The Outpouring"!

It’s here! area churches coming together in the unity and Spirit of Christ to have monthly services together on the first, or second Sunday and Monday evening of each month. I believe that God has strategically positioned Coffeyville and these great community leaders for “The Outpouring” services. I am very excited to see what God can do when we gather together without denominational structures. Keep reading and listening each month for the location that will be hosting these powerful meetings as the venue will change every month. All of these “Outpouring Services” will begin at 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm. May God be Glorified as we gather together as His Church!  In the Spirit of Christ,

-Pastor Randy DePriest.

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We are just one of four other Community Churches who have partnered together first here at Coffeyville First Assembly of God for “The Outpouring” community services; sharing the love of Christ in an area wide revival! 

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This Month's Outpouring Venu:

Coffeyville First Assembly of God will host the next Outpouring on Sunday the 5th, of March 2023 at 6:00 pm and Monday the 6th at 6:30 pm. Robert Newton will be ministering! Come expecting a mighty move of God in your life! NEO Outpouring is tonight at 6:00pm and tomorrow night at 6:30pm in the Washington Park Mall.  Dr. Buddy Bell will be ministering.